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Government Replaces Planned Car Bidding with Auction

The government has replaced the planned bidding for its 15luxury cars currently kept at the National Convention Centre with an auction to be held on Feb 28.

An auction has been chosen because proper preparations were not made over the set period for a bidding event, an unnamed official said on Wednesday.

The cars include seven BMW Series 7/730li models and eight Mercedes-Benz S350 models. Any members of the public interested in the auction may visit the National Convention Center on official working days to view the cars.

The announcement of the replacement was made after public members shared comments on facebook that they considered bidding, previously scheduled for Feb 21, to be less transparent than an auction as the latter can allow interested people to offer their bids in an interactive manner. They also want the auction to be broadcasted live.

Party and government leaders have agreed to forgo their luxury vehicles as part of a new strategy to discourage extravagant lifestyles and to lead by example.

Source: Lao News Agency