Government urged to seek concrete mitigation measures against Covid-19

The National Assembly has urged the government to seek concrete measures to mitigate Covid-19 impacts on social and cultural areas for short, medium and long term future.

Reading a proposal at the 1st extraordinary session of the National Assembly on Aug 9, Vice President of the National Assembly Khambay Damlath asked the government to improve basic infrastructure and provide equipment necessary for conducting distance learning, build and improve school sanitary facilities in rural and remote areas.

He urged the government to equip educational administrators and teachers with skills of using modern technology for the management of distant learning activities and make comprehensive preparations for school reopening, and examination at all levels, and treat with special policy students of low income families and disadvantaged students affected by Covid-19.

He advised the government to accelerate constructing and improving quarantine centres and treatment facilities and provide enough medical equipment and other necessaries for health workers, especially to those in the provinces hit by the influx of migrants returning from neighbouring countries, provide enough vaccines, and tap traditional wisdom of medicine, conduct research on traditional medicine for the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Source: Lao News Agency