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Government Urges Fulfillment of Revenue Collection in Second Half

The government has urged relevant sectors to ensure that revenue collection in the second half of 2017 meets or exceeds set targets and to address the liquidity-related problemsof banks in a prompt manner.

The government also urged relevant sectors to encourage the public to deposit more foreign currencies in commercial banks, according to Government Spokesperson and Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office Chaleun Yiapaoheu.

At a press briefing held immediately after the two-day monthly meeting of government last Friday, Mr Chaleun briefed the media about the performance of the government over the past one month, saying that the government has attached importance to revenue collection and spending management plans and continues to address problems related to the delayed payment of civil servants’ salaries in some districts and remote areas in some provinces.

Held on Jun 22-23 under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith, the monthly government meeting saw the presence of cabinet members.

The Prime Minister, his deputies and other cabinet members discussed several issues of national importance, including the addressing of problems related to the relocation of families affected by the Nam Ngiep1 hydro power project and Xesu 4 hydro power project 4 in Attapeu Province, the implementation of the resolution of the National Assembly on the development of a power grid, and the development of Khone Phapheng and Donekhong special economic zones.

At the meeting, the government urged relevant sectors to do their utmost to restore the economy back to normalcy in the near future,and make sure revenue collection meets set targets and is conducted transparently and to reduce budget leakage, promote the investment of businesses and monitor and inspect the quality and effectiveness of investment projects, according to Mr Chaleun.

The government also urged relevant sectors to continue to implement the notice of the Prime Minister’s office NO 142, dated Jan 25, 2017 on addressing problems related to the illegal import of vehicles.

In addition, the government has asked relevant sectors to ensure people have enough rice for consumption and have permanent market access, and to promote farmers’ production and address issues restraining the production of farmers, especially by ensuring farmers are provided with financial loans and various crop and animal varieties to ensure their production meets qualitative and quantitative targets and their produce meets the standards of both domestic and export markets.

Source: Lao News Agency