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Govt Asked to Re-inspect for Low Quality Food and Consumer Goods

The general public has called on the government to re-inspect and resolve the problem of food and consumer goods being contaminated with chemical substances, and fake and expired goods.

These were recent complaints made by the public via the free hotline of the National Assembly, telephone No 156.

Concerning these problems, Minister of Industry and Commerce Mrs Khammany Pholsena replied to the hotline questions from society via the National Assembly meeting.

“Since December 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce has issued an order asking for local merchants, producers, importers and distributors to put price labels on products and foods as well as expiration dates for products, she explained at the meeting.

The measure calling for price labels and expiration dates for products was already being enforced by the middle of this year, she said.

In addition, the ministry appointed the Domestic Commerce Department to responsible for controlling and monitoring and opened hotline telephone No 1510 on March this year to receive and resolve the public complaints about consumer goods and foods contaminated with chemical substances and supplements advertising beyond the reality.

Since opening the hotline telephone number, there have been 62 complains from the public concerned about expired dates of goods, contaminated food and overpriced goods. Some complains have already been resolved and some are underway. This was the explanation of Minister Khammany about the government’s effort to protect consumers as well as Lao people.

Source: Lao News Agency