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Gov’t committed to protecting Indonesian migrant workers: VP

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Vice President nanospell-typoMa’rufnanospell-typoAmin ensured that the government is committed to providing protection and employment guarantees for Indonesian migrant workers abroad as regulated in Law Number 18 of 2007 on the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers.”The government will continue to maintain its commitment to the policy of protecting migrant workers and continue to improve the management of the employment sector,” he stressed in his virtual remarks here on Sunday at the Group nanospell-typoIftar of Indonesian Migrant Workers and the Indonesian Diasporas in Singapore and 12 other countries. He emphasized that, in line with the ratification of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families, the government continues to make efforts to provide better services and protection for Indonesians abroad. nanospell-typoAmin noted that he is aware of the increasingly strict competition in the global job market. Therefore, only workers with high competitiveness are more easily absorbed into the job market. He expressed the hope that Indonesian migrant workers can continue to improve their skills by obtaining internationally recognized certifications so that they could have high competitiveness. “Hopefully, the increase in the competitiveness of our workers can encourage the growth of migrant workers in the formal sector,” he remarked. t Sunday’s event, the vice president advised Indonesian migrant workers abroad to adapt to every condition and comply with regulations wherever they are, as well as to continue to maintain Indonesia’s good name. He also expressed his appreciation to the Indonesian nanospell-typodiaspora in Singapore, which has contributed to the development of the country’s resources. On that occasion, Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore nanospell-typoSuryo nanospell-typoPratomo conveyed his appreciation to Indonesian migrant workers in Singapore who have given their contribution to the progress of Indonesia. “Indonesian migrant workers, all of you are people who have made extraordinary contributions to Indonesia’s progress,” nanospell-typoPratomo remarked. baca-jugaRelated news: andgtov’t intensifies dissemination of information on PMI’s placementbaca-jugaRelated news: RI, Malaysia discuss steps to improve protection for migrant workersRelated news: New regulation provides additional benefits to PMIs: ministry

Source: Antara News Agency