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Gov’t Confirms Proposed Reduction Of Civil Servant Quota

(KPL) Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith confirmed on Wednesday that the government will cut the quota of civil servants for 2019 down to 1,500 which is half the number approved for 2018 as the ratio of civil servants to the population for the country is the highest in ASEAN.

The government has also suspended increasing the salary index of the civil servants.

Though the ratio of civil servants is the highest in ASEAN, the quality is low. Therefore, the government will rearrange the civil service nationwide, from the central to the local levels, said Prime Minister Thongloun.

In the coming year, I’d like the National Assembly to approve the proposed civil servant quota of 1,500 and the government will allocate it in a new way with a focus placed on rural teachers and health workers and offices which are really in need of civil servants, said PM Thongloun.

The allocation of responsibilities within government offices will be based on the principle that civil servants can work qualitatively.

One person can do many jobs, not many people doing a single job, said PM Thongloun.

He said that the reason behind the proposed reduction of the civil servants is to reduce the government’s budgetary burden.

The government will attach more attention to improving the professional knowledge and creativity of the civil servants to increase their ability to deliver effective productivity, and dispatch more central officials to the local level to help strengthen local authorities.

Source: Lao News Agency