Govt Generously Pours Billions of Kip Into Xiengkhouang Stadium | Lao Tribune

Govt Generously Pours Billions of Kip Into Xiengkhouang Stadium

The Lao Government poured more than 215 billion kip into the construction of the stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies of the coming 11th National Sport Games will be held, hosted by Xiengkhuang Province.

Construction of the stadium, which is being carried out by a local contractor, Daophuan Survey, Design and Architect Company, was done on a combined area of 35 hectares, beginning in October 2015.

This stadium will be able to accommodate an audience of more than 11,000, and has a large parking area for 6,000 cars.

Mr Khammany Inthavong, a technical staff of the Construction Consult Company, recently gave a briefing on the progress of stadium construction during Deputy Prime Minister Somdy Duangdy and his delegation’s visit to XiengKhouang.

His report showed that presently, construction is 51 percent complete. There were some difficulties due to rainfall, power outage and the location of the stadium, which is far from water supply lines.

Despite difficult conditions, the contractor will do its utmost to complete construction work at least four months prior to the opening ceremony.

Source: Lao News Agency