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Gov’t Helps Locals Access Clean Agricultural Products

The Lao government has been focusing on the development of clean agricultural products (Good Agricultural Practice & Organic Products) to ensure locals’ good health by consuming quality food.

This was an effort of the government, said Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr Lien Thikeo at an annual meeting of the agriculture and forestry sector held in Vientiane Capital last week.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) has paid attention to the implementation of clean agriculture. The Department of Agriculture has been delegated to implement and disseminate the policies of the ministry, particularly focusing on development of clean agricultural practices and organic products, Mr Lien said.

The good agricultural practices and organic products will be key to help promote the sustainable production of agricultural products in Laos through the implementation of selected food standards (Good Agricultural Practices and organic standards).

In addition, these will also help the public and private sectors access safe and fresh produce in Lao PDR.

During the meeting, a trade fair was organised to encourage farmers to produce safe and chemical-free products and to advertise their organic products ranging from vegetables and fruits to rice to consumers.

Source: Lao News Agency