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Gov’t Pins Medals on Public and Private Sectors

(KPL) A handover ceremony of medals and certificates of appreciation was held at the Ministry of National Defence on March 31 to applaud 32 departments and private sectors and 80 civil servants who had contributed to organizing the 10th ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting hosted by the Lao Government.

The Ministry of National Defence gave a first-class Victory Medal to Sky Telecom, and second-class Victory Medals to 11 departments, four private companies and ten individuals.

The third-class victory medals were given to 12 departments and two private companies.

The Ministry offered second-class labour medals to a department and 10 officials and third-class labour medals to 20 officials and labour medal to 10 officials, while 30 officials from the government, Ministry of National Defence and the Political Army General Department were awarded certificates of appreciation.

The medals and appreciation certificates were awarded by the Deputy Minister of National Defence, Brigadier General Vilay Lakhamfong.

At the ceremony, the Head of Foreign Relation Department of Ministry of National Defence, Mr Kenchanh Nanthalangsy, briefed about the performance while hosting the 10th ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM) and other relevant meetings held last year.

The Practical cooperation has been moving on six priority areas. Since 2016, the priority areas have been expanded to include cyber security, and the Experts’ Working Group on Cyber Security was established following the endorsement of the 10th ADMM in Vientiane, Lao PDR, on 25 May 2016.

Source: Lao News Agency