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Govt to focus on improving the quality of education

The government will continue to increase the quality of teaching and learning and develop basic infrastructure in education and health sectors, a vice premier told the National Assembly’s ordinary session this week.

“Over recent years, the government has provided more funding to human resource development in the education and health sectors than other industries,” Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and Investment Sonexay Siphandone told the 10th Ordinary Session of the National Assembly’s 8th legislature.

Over the past five years, the education sector has been allocated around 603 billion kip from the government with the health sector provided with a 264-billion kip budget.

Over years to come, the government will treat education and health as key sectors in human resource development by continuing to provide government budget as much as possible to the two sectors, said the deputy prime minister.

He added that the government will continue to mobilize assistance and support from development partners, private sector, civil society organizations and the general public for these two sectors to ensure the development of preschool education, vocational education, and address drop-out problem in general education.

Source: Lao News Agency