Health tips from tech firms (The Straits Times)

Health tips from tech firms (The Straits Times)

FORGET about going to classes or paying a health coach or nutritionist to guide you towards better health and mental well-being.

Technology start-ups are hoping individuals will take up the challenge as they offer fitness programmes that replace real face-time sessions with health professionals.

Today’s Mind Your Body looks at two new systems – one which teaches you meditation and another that tailors your diet and fitness tips to your genetic profile.

Get a peek into national sailor Victoria Chan’s training routine, and learn how sailing can help you to stay in shape.

Also read about how an innocuous fall landed a housewife in intensive care for 99 days – one of the longest recorded by the hospital.

Experts also share their advice on soft lumps around the ankle and how to address presbyopia, an age-related eye condition also known as lao hua yan.