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Hearing is Believing: FRONICS Creates World’s First Sensor to Enable Machines to Hear Like Humans

FRONICS super hearing machine, overcomes microphone limitations to recognize human sound!

FRONICS team in San Francisco Sept. 9, 2021

FRONICS team in San Francisco Sept. 9, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fronics Inc., a technology company from South Korea, opens a new horizon for machine learning with the advancement of an artificial ear.

Most people know that various kinds of microphones are used to make voice or sound amplified, recorded or recognized by artificial intelligence. The mechanics of a microphone is vastly different from the human ear. This is why people using hearing aids have many difficulties in hearing from a distance or under noisy situations and why many are less satisfied with AI machines around us.

Fronics Inc. has developed the first and the only voice sensor extracting voice signals from resonance. This sensor works just like the human cochlear, enabling machines to hear like humans. What this means is that, compared to conventional microphones, Fronics’ sensor can detect sounds up to eight times farther away and provide up to 22 times cleaner data. As the market demand grows for smart devices depending on human voice control, a sensor that works just like the human ear is needed to get the precision required to talk to machines like someone would their own family.

To enter into the global market, Fronics Inc. has established an entity named Fronics Technologies Inc. in the U.S. recently. On Sept. 9, seven people gathered in San Francisco to discuss next steps. They are Kisoo Kim, CEO of Fronics Inc.; Yobie Benjamin Franklin, Chairman of Fronics Technologies Inc.; Michelle Kim, board member of Fronics Technologies Inc.; Keonjae Lee, KAIST professor and an inventor; Jounghoon Lee, Vice President of Fronics Inc.; Jeremy McKane, founder of and tech entrepreneur; and Edmond Fong, a senior investment professional at a large institutional investment firm. The group will promote this amazing technology to the media and find companies in need. The group also plans to get a valuation report from a prominent law firm and to list specifications of Fronics on the market in the near future.

We all live in a world where machines can now listen and interact with human voice commands. Fronics is the first company in the world to develop technology that turns the analog process of hearing into the most advanced auditory data for machine learning applications. The team at Fronics believes that this is a new era in machine super hearing.

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Image 1: FRONICS team in San Francisco Sept. 9, 2021

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