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Helping address poverty

Owner of the Golden Dolphin Ice and Drinking Water Factory, Kia Ousitthideth donated his own wealth worth 15 billion kip to help people in Khampane village, Xonbouly district, and Pakuay village, Champhone district, Savannakhet Province abandon begging.

Upholding self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and self-strengthening principle, Mr Kia has engaged the poor and homeless in sustainable income generation activities to graduate them out of chronic poverty.

Mr Kia was among handpicked delegates to the 11th National Congress of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party held in Vientiane between Jan 13-15.

Khampane village and Pakuay village have 261 families/1,528 villagers. They are located in rural areas and prone to droughts.

“Some families do subsistence rice farming but this livelihood doesn’t provide them with enough food and, consequently, some rely on begging,” Mr Kia told the congress.

In 2016, Mr Kia signed an MOU pledging to help address poverty of the beggars’ families after the governor of Champhone district, with consent from the provincial governor, sent a fundraising letter to him and other business leaders in the province.

Mr Kia pledged to extend help to the poor families for one year (2016). The successful results of his assistance project prompted the provincial governor to sign an agreement urging Mr Kia to continue his anti-poverty efforts for two more years (2017-2018). The number of families targeted by Mr Kia’s help jumped from 27 to 77.

Besides to the Golden Dolphin Ice and Drinking Water Factory, several Party and government organizations, civil society organizations, business community, and general public members and foreigners contributed over 7 billion kip to the anti-poverty efforts in the two villages.

Over the past three years, with the above-mentioned efforts and contributions, rice banks have been established, food provided to the poor families along with clothing, household utensils, farming tools and machines.

The families have been also provided pieces of land and houses along with farmlands, borewells, a learning centre, and have had their houses repaired.

They have been also provided with fish ponds, animal breeds, a school, a hospital, a market and a village administration office, health fund and other basic infrastructure.

“Over the past three years of implementation, we could realize the attention leaders at all levels have attached to addressing poverty and this can be proved by the fact that they frequently visited the two villages to monitor, give advice, appreciate the families and relevant authorities. Personally, I am proud of working with Party and government organisations to address the poverty of the people. Though it is a small project funded with small budget but it represents kindness and material and mental contributions,” said Mr Kia.

Source: Lao News Agency