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ICMAC “Linking The Belt And Road With Smart Biotech” Held In Xiamen

The 6th International Conference for Managing the Asian Century (ICMAC) and the first international conference of China �ASEAN the Belt and Road region was held on July 6 in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China.

The conference was attended by the Senior Advisor of World Bank for Southeast Asia Region, Dr Jonh Vong, UN FAO Bioinformatics Expert, Dr Hwa A. Lim, and the founder and group chairman for CESAR Group Pte. Ltd, Dr. Lim Boon Yeow and relevant senior officials.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Mr Vong said that the 6th ICMAC under theme Link the Belt and Road with Smart Biotech focuses its discussion on advanced concepts and latest achievements, advanced technology and products (drugs) and medical equipment, ASEAN biotechnology investment market, and the potential investment orientation in Xiamen.

ICMAC was founded in 2013 with its headquarter located in Singapore. ICMAC focuses on smart nations, smart cities, smart innovations, technology and finance, education and information technology.

Source: Lao News Agency