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IHRA Forum 2018 Held In Fukuoka, Japan

(KPL) The International High-Speed Rail Association held its third international forum in Fukuoka, Japan on 8 Nov 2018 under the theme Overcoming Challenges in Complex World, Past, Present and Future.

The forum examined the current and future political, economic, diplomatic and security outlook, and identify growth strategies of major countries in the Indo-Pacific region, reviewed Japan’s pursuit for high-speed rail efforts since late 19th century (Meji Era) and examined how Japan learned technologies and experience from other developed countries and formed its own competence in railway engineering.

The forum also focused on India, which is developing high-quality infrastructure to promote sustainable development and growth, building an industrial foundation for technological innovation under powerful leadership to achieve dynamic social transformation.

As you may know, in Japan we refer to our high-speed rail system as the Shinkansen. The success of Shinkansen technology represents the culmination of efforts by many individuals who worked hard to drive our nation forward, said Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.

Railway technology was first brought to Japan in late 19th century by Masaru Inoue, who was from Choshu in Western Japan, he imported the technology from the United Kingdom as Japan came out of self-imposes isolation and started on road towards modernization, he said.

Against the backdrop of High Speed Rail from the past to the present and into the future, lies a universal drive to overcome challenges in order to achieve positive change. Government/Parliamentary officials, economic and transportation experts, media editors, business and other leaders from around the world gathered at the forum to examine the true value of HSR to promote dramatic change despite difficult obstacles.

Source: Lao News Agency