Indonesia capable of producing 24GW of geothermal power

Jakarta: Indonesia is capable of producing an impressive 24GW of geothermal electricity, according to the Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN).

Bayu Azmi, coordinator of the BRIN’s Research Group for Nuclear Investigation and Evaluation Engineering, said Indonesia accounts for 40% of the global geothermal resources.

Speaking at a seminar in Jakarta on October 25, he said although the potential is immense, the current utilisation of geothermal energy in Indonesia is still below 10 percent. Meanwhile, the Government has set a target of generating 31 GW of electricity from new renewable energy sources by 2025.

He said geothermal power has significantly lower carbon emissions compared to traditional energy sources. This aligns with the Government’s vision of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2060.

By optimising the utilisation of geothermal energy, Indonesia has the potential to not only meet its electricity demand but also contribute to the global transition to clean energy and the vision of net-zero emissions. However, this requires a comprehensive approach that is supported by other environmentally friendly renewable energy sources./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency