Indonesia exports live chickens to Singapore for first time

Indonesia made its inaugural export of live chickens to Singapore on May 13, with a total of 23,040 fowls or 41.46 tonnes.

In a written statement on May 14, Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore Surya Pratomo described the export as evidence of increased trade cooperation between the two countries and also a concrete follow-up to the second meeting between their heads of state in Singapore in May 2023.

Indonesia has been exporting frozen chicken and processed chicken products to Singapore since June last year.

The ambassador said live chickens from Indonesia are declared free from avian flu virus, allowing them to be directly shipped to Singapore. Indonesia will strive to remain a chicken supplier for Singapore as the city state’s demand is increasing.

In 2022, Singapore imported an estimated 228,000 tonnes of live chickens, processed chicken, and related products. Its largest suppliers were Brazil (51%), Malaysia (24%), and the US (11%), according to Indonesian Trade Attaché in Singapore Billy Anugrah.

The Singaporean Government has provided certification to several chicken producers and related product manufacturers in Indonesia to export to Singapore since June 2022. This step was taken as Singapore experienced a shortage of chicken supply after Malaysia temporarily halted its export of the live poultry.

Indonesia manufactured over 3.8 million tonnes of chicken products in 2022 and often faces an oversupply. The opening of the Singaporean market is expected to create a balance between production and supply while helping improve Indonesian farmers’ welfare, Anugrah added./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency