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“Insects Are Everywhere”Book Launched

The Cheuang Sombounkhan Foundation has launched the first insect book named Insects Are Everywhere, with the aim to educate Lao children about insects in Laos and practice their English.

Insects Are Everywhere is a bilingual book in Lao and English in order to attract a wide audience because when people learn more languages, they have a greater opportunity to gain new knowledge, according to Jonh J.S Burton, who co-wrote and compiled the book.

5,000 copies of the book have been published by Dokket Publishing House and are available for sale about 45,000 kip, according to a representative of the Cheuang Sombounkhan Foundation.

Insects Are Everywhere is written by the authors, John, J.S. Burton and Gregory R. Ballmer.They are both American career entomologists who have, for many years, observed and appreciated the great diversity of insect life that is known to occur in the Lao PDR.

Mr Burton said that technically, in English the word insects is used to refer to arthropod invertebrates with six legs, but the book covers their relatives also, including 8-legged spiders, 10-legged crabs, and many-legged centipedes and millipedes, which makes the book a reference resource onarthropods.

Although written for children, the book can be useful for people of all ages. Younger children may enjoy the pictures, older children may read the Lao Language text, students may be challenged by reading the English text, and even university biology students may appreciate the identification pages at the back, he said.

Thelaunching ceremony forInsects Are Everywheretook place in Vientiane Capital on June 22, and was attended by Somsanouk Mixay, the Vice President of the Lao Journalists’ Association.

In 2005, I published a book with the tile Lao Close Encounters in Bangkok, with explanations of culture and life style, recent heritage and occupations, agriculture and national history, Mr John, J.S. Burton.

Source: Lao News Agency