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International and Chinese Reporters Visit Yunnan

Reporters representing print and electronic media organizations from ASEAN, Pakistan, Russia and China visited Yunnan Province, China for a study tour programme from May 16 to 22.

The programme, sponsored by the International Communication Center, Yunnan Daily Press Group, took the journalists to the cities of Kunming and Yuxi, and Huaning County in Yunnan and other places.

The visit programme aimed to promote biodiversity, culture, and technological advancement of Yunnan as well as communication and win-win cooperation between Yunnan and the regional bloc.

Yunnan is located in the Southwest China, bordering Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. As such it occupies a regional strategic position in the nation. Its role in the “the Belt and Road” initiative and international connectivity and industrial coordination has been increasingly important.

The Laos-China Railway project, which will operate at the end of this year, starts in this province. The railway runs 417km from a Laos-China border crossing in Boten, Luang Namtha in northern Laos, to Vientiane.

In addition, the province has a huge potential on biodiversity in the region.

Yunnan has also promoted the construction of Beiyuan community in Yuxi city, Fudian community in Huaning’s Huaxi Town, Mafang village in Yuxi’s Chenjiang and Guanlong town and other communities for the purpose of development and poverty reduction.

Source: Lao News Agency