It’s Time for Us to Notice – SA’s Dying of TB [analysis]

It’s Time for Us to Notice – SA’s Dying of TB [analysis]

While the country was inundated by the usual sport and political stories on Tuesday, South Africa’s worst killer continued. Tuberculosis isn’t as sexy as other issues on the agenda, but unless it gets more attention, people will keep on dying of something that’s both preventable and treatable.

Sitting in the Section27 offices on Tuesday, Johnny Clegg said he was shocked when he learned TB was the leading cause of death in South Africa. Two of his band members have been infected and even the daughter of his manager in France had TB.

On World TB Day, he was sitting alongside health activists and medical professionals, demanding renewed efforts to fight tuberculosis, before handing over a R100,000 cheque to the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and announcing plans to raise R1 million to fight the epidemic. “I probably have the TB bacteria dormant inside myself. Apparently, I understand, 80 percent of the population has it. All of you might have it in this room. It is dormant,” said the award-winning musician. “All of us are potential carriers .. It’s that kind of information the general public has to get and understand.”

In the press conference on Tuesday and a civil …

Source : Daily Maverick