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Japan Provides Scholarships to Lao Nationals to Study in Japan

The government of Japan has provided 19 scholarships to Lao students to study in Japan for bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and undergraduate levels in different subjects.

The scholarships were awarded under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT) Programme.

This assistance will help the Lao government to build the capacity of its human resources who will contribute to national socio-economic development in the future.

A send-off reception for the 19 Japanese Scholarship (MEXT) recipients was held in Vientiane on March 16 in attendance of the Minister Education and Sports, Ms Sengdeuan Lachanthaboun, and Charge d’Affaires ad interim of Japan to the Lao PDR, Mr Kazunori Kawada.

Speaking at the reception, Mr Kawada emphasized in his remarks the importance of seeing the real Japan through their own eyes and talking directly with Japanese people, and not only studying their specialized areas.

He also encouraged the students and expressed his wish that they would become a bridge between Laos and Japan.

Meanwhile, Minister Sengdeuan, on behalf of the ministry, said she was very happy that Lao students, not only those from Vientiane Capital, but also from rural areas nationwide can win such scholarships.

She asked the scholars to continue enhancing solidarity and helping each other as well as other students in their education institutes while studying in Japan.

The Minister also encouraged them to focus on studying in order to bring that knowledge and experience back to develop our nation in the future.

On behalf of scholars, Mr Soubin Sisavath, an official from the National University of Laos, expressed appreciation and gratitude to the government of Japan for providing promising students the opportunity to study in their country.

“I strongly believe that receiving education and training from a Japanese university or institution is a dream of many scholars and students. We are also among those making great efforts to make our dream come true. Today, we are very happy to have successfully selected the 2017 MEXT scholarship recipients to receive specialized training and pursue degrees in study at Japanese universities. Through fabulous stories told and evidence proven, we are convinced that under the MEXT scholarships, we will have received excellent educations and skills from Japan. We also believe that not only theoretical and specialized academic knowledge in lectures and seminars will be gained, but also practical experience, language, and culture of the outside world which will be very useful in understanding Japanese society and people,” said Mr Soubin.

“With the opportunities and scholarships given, we promise that we are committed to making the greatest effort possible to succeed in our studies in Japan. We will act as role models of MEXT scholars and strictly comply with all rules and regulations of the MEXT as well as the laws of Japan,” he added.

For almost 30 years, the Japanese government has accepted more than 950 students to study in Japan under various scholarship programmes such as MEXT, the Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development scholarships, and the Young Leaders’ Programme)

This year, 19 students (seven for master’s degrees, one for undergraduate studies, ten for technical colleges, and one for a specialized training college were awarded MEXT scholarships. All these excellent students passed rigorous examinations set by MEXT and will study in Japan for several years depending on courses.

Source: Lao News Agency