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Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation to Lao kids’ Library Founder from Japan

Expanding reading for Children in Laos led by Ms. YASUI Kiyoko, the representative of the Fund for TARO’s Library Japan (a Japanese NGO) receive a Certificate of Commendation from the Foreign Minister of Japan Mr. Hayashi Yoshimasa on Oct 6, 2022.
The Certificate of Commendation from Japan’s Foreign Minister was presented by Mr. Kobayashi Kenichi, Ambassador of Japan to the Lao PDR.
Ms.Yasui Kiyoko has established libraries for Lao children in Xiengkhouang Province and Vientiane. Her positive contributions have been critical to the success of reading and related activities that continue to share the pleasures of books with the young people of Laos.
Lao kids who visit the library can become familiar with reading through story-telling supported by Ms.Yasui and NGO staff.
Children gain knowledge through reading and expand their imaginations. Books prepare the younger generations to explore a wider world.
TARO’s Library Japan also conducts grassroots cultural exchanges that introduce aspects of Japanese culture to the Lao children who visit almost every day.
Ms.Yasui has been actively engaged in her NGO’s operation for about 20 years.
She has been writing books about Laos’ own diverse multiethnic cultures, including the oral folk tales of the Hmong people who long lived without their own written language.
Ms.Yasui’s books written in Japanese have contributed to the development of friendly relations, promoting mutual understanding between Japanese and Lao people through the introduction of unique Lao history, culture and lifestyle to wider audiences.
The sight of Lao children folding “Origami” themselves is quite impressive to Japanese visitors to the libraries.
The Embassy of Japan wishes Ms. Yasui all the best in her activities in Laos and trusts these sincere and committed efforts will continue to help all generations of Japan and Laos to deepen friendships and share mutual understanding.

Source: Lao News Agency