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Japanese Martial Arts Demonstration Enthrall Audience

(KPL) The 17th Japanese Martial Arts Demonstration was held by the Embassy of Japan in Vientiane in cooperation with the JICA Laos office and the Ministry of Education and Sports, at the Lao�Japan Budo Center in Vientiane Capital on 26 January 2019.

Learners of the Lao Judo Federation, the Lao Karatedo Federation, the Lao National Aikido Club, and the Lao Kendo Club performed in front of a large audience.

In recent years, an increasing number of young people in the Lao PDR have become interested in and practice these martial arts.

The levels of Lao players’ skills are also improving. The exciting performances by excellent players inspired many young people and contributed to a further rise in the number of those participating in Budo.

This is the 17th time the Embassy of Japan has organized a demonstration to provide an opportunity for participants to demonstrate the skills they have acquired, and to motivate themselves for the future.

Some of the participants may have chances to participate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. In Saturday’s demonstration, the black belt masters also gave an excellent display of martial arts.

Furthermore, Mr. Phongsavath Boupha, President of the Lao National Karatedo Federation, gave a karate demonstration.

The event was attended by Dr. Ponemek Dalaloy, the former President of the Lao�Japan Friendship Association, Mr. Kazuhiro Kuno, Minister of Japan to the Lao PDR and Mr. Yoshiharu Yoneyama, Chief Representative of the JICA Laos Office.

In addition, government officials, teachers, students, and local residents, as well as family members ofthose who participated in the demonstration, gathered at the Budo Centre to enjoy the performances.

Source: Lao News Agency