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Labour And Social Welfare Minister Urges Relief Aid For Flood Victims

(KPL) Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Khampheng Xaysompheng has urged individuals, organizations and all sectors in the society to extend relief aid to flood victims in central and southern provinces.

At a press conference in Vientiane yesterday, Mr Khampheng who is also Chairman of the National Disaster Prevention and Control Committee said that tents, consumer’s goods, milled rice, food, drinking water, household utensils, beddings, medicines, boats, and financial assistance are much needed by flood victims.

Due to two consecutive storms Podul and Kajiki in late august and early September, floods hit six central and southern provinces namely Khammuan, Savannakhet, Saravan, Champassak, Xekong and Attapeu affecting more than 458,000 families in over 1,600 villages in 47 districts.

The disaster also claimed 13 lives and left one missing. The casualties included four in Champassak, four in Attapeu, three in Savannakhet and two in Saravan.

The disaster also caused severe damages to social and economic sectors, infrastructure including roads, bridges, public offices, schools, hospitals, dispensaries, farmlands, livestock, irrigations facilities, and people’s houses.

Individuals or organizations wishing to extend aid to the flood victims can do so by themselves or contact the Department of Social Welfare of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare or donate to the account Fund Assistance to Disaster Victims-Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare: 010 1100 0150 893 7001 (kip); 010 1102 0150 893 7001 (THB); 010 1101 0150 893 7001 (USD).

Source: Lao News Agency