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Labour Inspection Remains Ineffective

The labour inspection conducted by relevant authorities is yet to be effective, strict measures aren’t taken against violators and labour units have failed to comply with the labour law.

Some 348 officials conducted about 2,000-3,000 labour inspections nationwide last year. On average, each official conducted labour inspection seven times last year. Yet we are going to cut the number of our officials to 77 as smaller number of officials means that each official will have broader knowledge of labour, said Mr Phongsaysack Inthalath, Director General, Department of Labour Management, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

Mr Phongsaysack told a press conference on Tuesday that the reduction of the labour inspection officials complied with the decision on the appointment and performance of labour inspection officials which was signed by the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare on December 5, 2016.

A survey conducted in last September suggests that there are over 50,000 foreign workers in Laos. Of this number, only 30,000 hold legal permits.

The foreign workers in Laos are dominated by Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai nationals, according to Mr Phongsaysack.

To ensure labour inspection is conducted in an effective manner, and employees and employers fulfil their obligations and consequently their interest and benefits are protected, I would like to ask the media to help relevant authorities in labour monitoring and make sure that both employees and employers are provided enough information on labour rules and laws, said Mr Phongsaysack.

Source: Lao News Agency