Labour Market Demands Only 10% of Fresh Graduates | Lao Tribune

Labour Market Demands Only 10% of Fresh Graduates

Currently, almost 90 percent of new graduates are without jobs, with the labour market demand at only 10 percent of total graduates.

Every year, about 1,000 students graduate from universities and colleges nationwide, but as the demand is only for only 10 percent of them, there is a shortage of jobs.

About 80-90 percent of new graduates are from economy, business administration, banking and financing, secretarial and other sectors. Many of them do not have jobs and some people make money illegally, involving themselves in crime, illegal drugs trade and other illicit activities.

A part of society is encouraging their children to pursue higher education in the hopes of becoming leaders and professionals. As a consequence, not many people want to take up vocational courses.

Currently, many graduates and diploma holders are working in factories, gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants and other similar places, despite their jobs not requiring them to have graduated from university or college.

Source: Lao News Agency