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Lao and Chinese firms sign an agreement to export liquor to China

The Lao Agro Organic Industries Co., Ltd has signed a joint venture agreement with a Chinese company Beijing Xixiang Yulong Trading to export LAODI liquor products to China.

The signing took place in Vientiane on Mar 3 between Director of the Lao Agro Organic Industries Sihattha Rasaphon and Manager of the Beijing Xixiang Yulong Trading Tangsoupha Laotang.

The LAODI liquor products will be advertised online using ad platform of the Beijing Xixiang Yulong Trading.

“LAODI liquor factory was established in 2005. Its spirits have been sold domestically and overseas, especially Japan and Europe,” said Mr Sihattha Rasaphon.

“The signing of this agreement is a landmark as transportation has been convenient following the launch of the Laos-China Railway which has contributed significantly to ensuring more made-in-Laos products are exported overseas, especially to China,” said Mr Sihattha Rasaphon.

Mr Tangsoupha Laotang said, “Right now exporting products from Laos to China can be made easily and our company has surveyed all factories and enterprises to seek potential opportunities for export partnership and we have found that the LAODI liquor factory has quality and meets international standards. Our goal is to bring Lao products to be sold in the upper and middle markets in China.”

Source: Lao News Agency