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Lao Economic Daily Newspaper Launches Website, Facebook

The website and its facebook counterpart, the Lao Economic Daily Newspaper, was launched in Vientiane Capital on Jan 16 in the presence of the Vice Ministers of Industry and Commerce, Siewsavad Savangseuksa and Mr Bounmy Manivong.

The Lao Economic Daily Newspaper was established in 1994 as a monthly newspaper, an important voice of the industry and commerce sectors and promoter of agricultural production for the market. It also promotes the development of trade and economics in the country, said the Editor in Chief of the Lao Economic Daily Newspaper, Mr Khamkhan Naphavong.

As we know, social media plays an important role in the Lao media as well as in the daily lives of the society. The use of social media is trending to increase and online use is also set to increase as well, said Mr Khamkhan.

In order to support the change in consumption and users as well as to further develop the Lao Economic Daily Newspaper with more choices for the customers, so we developed the website and facebook for the Lao Economic Daily to meet social demands.

The website was tested for four months in 2016 and since then, on average, more than 139,740 people visit the website on a daily basis.

Source: Lao News Agency