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Lao Exports Increase Last Year and Get Trade Surplus

The country’s exports to neighboring countries last year reached over US$4.1 billion. The Minister of Planning and Investment, Mr Souphanh Keomixay, made a statement at the 3rd Ordinary Session of the National Assembly on April 25.

Laos’ exports are electricity, copper, bronze ores, clothes, gold, banana, tobacco, maize and rubber.

The Hongsa Mine Mouth Power and Sekaman 3 hydropower projects contributed to an increase of 89 percent in electricity exports, said Mr Souphan.

The export of agricultural products also increases significantly: banana increased by triple, cassava rose by double and maize by 20 percent compared to the previous year.

Laos gained a trade surplus last year, as the country imported goods worth USD 4 billion, a figure less than the value of its exports

Imports saw an 8.5 percent decrease due to a significant decrease in the import of certain construction materials because they are being produced in the country.

Laos’ main imports are electricity, machines, fuel, heavy machines, steel, cement and plastic products.

Source: Lao News Agency