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Lao-Japan Film “Saynam Lai” to Premiere on Nov 30

Saynam Lai, a movies co produced by Japan-Lao Creative Partners and Lao New Wave Cinema will premiere at Vientiane Center Major Cineplex, ITECC Mall Cineplex and Major Pakse on Nov 30.

The film is part of celebrating the 60th anniversary of Laos-Japan diplomatic ties.

Directed by Makoto KUMAZAWA, the film is starred by Yuta Inoue, a famous Japanese model and actor, and three actors and actresses from First Modeling namely Thida Sitthixay, Thonny Stpm and Ro Bottoy.

Noy has run away from home to chase her dream of living in a big city. One day, while on vacation with her hi-so friends, she accidentally travels back in time to the year 1960�a time when Laos was in a civil war.

There she meets Kawai, a young Japanese man doing research for the first dam project in Laos. Kawai has been parted from his crew. Noy and Kawai are saved by Din, a young Lao boy who brings them to his welcoming parents.

While Noy struggles to find her way home, she has to re-learn the way of life in the countryside.

The amazing movie clearly represents Laos in the 1960s.

Source: Lao News Agency