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Lao Lunar New Year Celebration Dates Announced

The Prime Minister’s Office announced this week a five-day holiday for Lao Lunar New Year celebration or Pi Mai Lao, compensating for two days that fall on a weekend.

The celebration of Pi Mai Lao is traditionally from April 14-16, but this year, April 15 and 16 are Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, the government has announced that it will add two additional days to the Pi Mai Lao holiday: April 13, and April 17.

The announcement asked the general public to preserve the fine traditions and customs of the multiethnic Lao people and promote tourism during the celebration, which will now last from April 13-17.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has been advised to launch a road-safety campaign, facilitate measures to ease traffic, and ensure that traffic rules are observed in order to avoid road accidents.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, in cooperation with relevant sectors, was asked to monitor the fluctuation of food prices since local merchants are likely to take advantage of the festive season and increase food prices.

The government announcement advised the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism to encourage people to celebrate Pi Mai Lao in accordance with Lao traditions and customs.

Source: Lao News Agency