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Lao project wins financing from AUF Covid-19 Fund

In competition with nearly 2,000 projects from 79 countries around the world, a Lao project has been selected to be financed by a special AUF COVID-19 fund of 1 million euros.
At the Asia-Pacific level, compared to other projects selected in the region, the project from the University of Health Sciences of Laos received the highest amount of funding with €25,000.
This project is led by the University of Health Sciences, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Science and Technology and three other French and Lao higher education and research institutions.
This project consists in manufacturing disinfectant products intended to reduce the risks of virus transmission in public indoor spaces by limiting the concentration of the virus in the air.
According to the project leader, Ms Chithdavone Her, a young teacher-researcher from the Faculty of Pharmacy, “This is an excellent opportunity for young Lao teachers and researchers like us to take advantage of this event to develop an innovative and useful Lao product that will help the government fight COVID-19. »
This project in Laos was promoted in the framework of an international call for projects launched by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) to support initiatives related to the pandemic from students, university engineers and young researchers.
The objective of this call for projects is to support the academic community’s response to the pandemic and to support the development of solutions with an immediate technological and/or social impact to help health systems and populations facing this unprecedented health crisis.
The initiatives selected had to have a technological, economic, and/or social impact that can be evaluated in the very short term. Thus, projects promoting open-source solutions, prototypes in compliance with national regulations and those carried by women were awarded bonuses.
“This AUF Covid-19 call for projects revealed the capacity of our member universities in Asia-Pacific to innovate and respond to the imperative needs of society in times of pandemic. We can only welcome this and encourage researchers in this direction, knowing that this AUF call for projects has once again revealed the crucial role that universities play in the development of societies and in building responses to their major challenges,”said Ms. Ouidad Tebbaa, AUF Regional Director for Asia-Pacific.

Source: Lao News Agency

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