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Lao Specialty Coffee price reached USD 37.6 per kg

Following the Lao PDR’s first ever coffee auction ‘Taste of Laos’ that took place in Aug 2, 2022. Farmers and producers in the coffee industry will have more confidence in order to claim for good prices for high quality beans.

Coffee from Bolaven Plateau, Pakxong was particularly in high demand by international processors. Gesha coffee won the highest bid which was USD 37.6 per kg (started at USD17.82 per kg). Whereas Arabic coffee from the north was bid at USD 9.9 per kg.

Specialty coffee is the tastiest coffee that attracts coffee enthusiasts around the world. The Lao PDR’s specialty coffee in particular boasts a promising potential. Especially, after high scores (80 and above points) and attention received in the Lao PDR Green Coffee Competition 2022.

Global demand is increasing and prices are higher. However, Lao coffee farmers are struggling to meet such demand. The sector faces challenges like reaching buyers in high-potential markets, improving quality management, increasing productivity, and strengthening the sector’s organization. In addition, farmers and businesses have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and global economic crisis.

Through the online auction, international coffee can purchase coffee they might not otherwise have access to, and potentially form longer-term relationships with Lao PDR’s producers and exporters. Overall, there were 44 buyers from across the globe showed their interest and participated in the auction, including from the US, UK, France, Korea, Sweden, Canada, Thailand, UAE, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and from Lao PDR itself. The auction for large volume of Arabica and Robusta Lao beans will continue in the coming weeks.

The European Union-funded project – ARISE Plus Lao PDR implemented by the International Trade Centre is the leading auction process. An online auction website was created to promote the event. Organisers also use social media and other online tools to reach out to a database of global specialty coffee buyers.

In Vientiane Capital, local producers and coffee enthusiasts gathered at Pi Café to watch the livestream of the auction. The reception is co-organised by the Lao Coffee Association, the ARISE Plus Lao PDR and CLEAN project. This collective effort by stakeholders and partners showcases the continuing support for the coffee sector as reflected in the Lao PDR’s Coffee Sector Export Roadmap (2021-2025).

Source: Lao News Agency