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Lao Youth’s Union opens Vocational Training Centre in Thakhek, Khammuan Province

The Lao Youth Union’s Technical and Vocational Training Centre is designed to educate and counsel youth in Khammuan on basic employee and self-employment skills in the agricultural sector, spurring innovation and expanding the technical and vocational training network.

In collaboration with the Lao Youth Union (LYU), the model Youth Technical and Vocational Training programme, supported by the Russian Federation and UNDP, aims to strengthen the rural and agricultural livelihoods capacities of marginal or disadvantaged youth in the central province.

With a special focus on the agricultural sector, it will help those disadvantaged youth to utilize their limited capital assets in their homeland to generate their own incomes with enhanced agricultural skills.

On Tuesday, Dec 14, the Governor of Khammuan Province, Lao Youth’s Union and Provincial Youth’s Union hosted the grand opening of Technical and Vocational Training Centre for Youth, which was held in Thakhek district, Khammuan Province.

Efforts will also be made to improve collaboration among businesses, policymakers, and education and vocational training bodies in developing curricula based on labour market and capacity assessments and forecasts.

“I believe that “Vocational Training Centre” which we are opening today, will provide a solid assistance in supporting young people of Khammuan Province in realizing their potentials, developing professional skills and ensuring their participation in the efficient implementation of the National Socio-Economic Development Plan of the Lao PDR,” said Russian Ambassador to the Lao PDR Vladimir A. Kalinin.

Ms. Ricarda Rieger said, “Youth trained in this centre will take the knowledge back to their home communities and can contribute to healthier nutrition and improved agricultural practices thereby also protecting the planet we all rely on”.

As a contribution under the “Enhancing Social and Economic Opportunities for Youth in the Lao PDR” project, it enables an environment for youth to develop and realize their potentials, which promotes inclusive youth social and economic engagement.

Twenty trainees, of which 65% are female and 35% are of ethnic groups, including Makong and Phuthai, have been recruited.

The six-session training programme includes mushroom growing, plant propagation, gardening, frog, fish, and cricket raising.

“It was mentioned in the project proposal that 60%-80% of trainees have to become employed or self-employed after graduation. Therefore, the committee of the Provincial Youth’s Union must take this seriously to achieve the goal,” stated Secretary General of the Lao Youth’s Union Alounxai Sounnalath.

Mentors and facilitators who are experts in the field will also provide advisory services to the trained youth after completion of the course and aid their access to markets.

Source: Lao News Agency