Laos aims to become electricity source of Southeast Asia

Laos is making efforts to increase electricity exports to neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia and promoting the development of renewables, with the hope of becoming “the battery of Southeast Asia” in the near future.

According to data from the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Laos, the country currently has 94 power plants, including 81 hydroelectric ones, with a total installed capacity of more than 11,600 MW.

In 2022, electricity exports brought in over 2.3 billion USD in revenue for Laos, while the country had to spend just more than 40 million USD on electricity imports. Laos currently sells electricity to six countries, namely Thailand, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore.

In the coming time, Laos will continue with negotiations to increase electricity exports, and at the same time choose to develop energy sources with high efficiency, good quality, low investment and consistency with current trends.

Hydropower currently accounts for about 70% of total electricity generation output i
n Laos, and the country has about 10 onshore wind power projects with a total design capacity of 3.6 GW in the planning stage.

Recently, Laos installed the first turbine of a wind power project with a capacity of 600 MW in Dakcheung district, Xekong province. This is said to be the largest wind power plant in Southeast Asia with 133 wind turbines and an estimated investment of about 900 million USD./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency