Laos – China cross-border freight transportation launched

An opening ceremony for the Laos – China cross-border freight transportation between Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province of China and Vientiane, the commercial and administrative centre of Laos was held in Kunming on Aug 25, according to China Radio International-CRI.

A truck carrying nearly 3 million yuan worth of machinery, equipment and electronic appliances, set out a long trip from Kunming passing through Bohan-Boten checkpoint en route to Vientiane.

At the same time, some trucks carrying Laos’ unique goods traveled from Vientiane to the Bohan-Boten border checkpoint before arriving in Kunming to distribute goods to other parts of China.

The launching of the cross-border freight transportation between the Chinese city and the capital of Laos aimed to find out difficulties related to freight procedures, transport costs and traffic along the road between Kunming and Vientiane in preparation for the opening of international freight transport, both by road and rail, between Laos and China which is expected to take place after the opening for public use of the Laos-China Railway which has been scheduled for Dec 2, 2021.

Source: Lao News Agency