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Laos, China discuss on export agricultural products to China

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MOF) of Laos together with the Guangxi Chamber of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China to Lao PDR organized a seminar on the production, processing and export of agricultural products from the Lao PDR to China in the new phase.

The seminar was held on Sept 1, in presence of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Mr. Kikeo Singnavong and the Economic-Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Lao PDR, Mr. Zhao Wenyu.

This meeting is an important platform for many central and local parties to implement the protocol, terms and conditions for the export of plants from Laos to China in accordance with the agreement of the Laos-China, China-Laos bilateral governments so that all participating parties can recognize and understand correctly the process of producing and exporting plants and plant products to China, it is a forum to discuss plans and methods to promote the production and products export and plant products from Laos to China in the future. Deputy Minister commented that since the opening of the Laos-China railway for passenger and cargo transportation services, it has become an important potential for the export of many products to the Lao PDR, especially agricultural products. He said this meeting is an important step towards the work of exporting Lao agricultural products to China more and more and I believe that all parties including the government sector, enterprises including development partners, production groups and cooperatives will cooperate to organize the implementation to be effective, sustainable and achieve the expected success. Mr. Zhao Wenyu said that the Lao-China railway has been officially opened and the regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) has been effectively implemented since January 1 of this year. The Chinese side has facilitated 16 underdeveloped countries including Laos in the framework of 98% of goods that can be tax-exempt, which began to be implemented on September 1, 2022. The connection between China and Laos combined with various policies that facilitate the Laos such as reducing or exempting taxes on agricultural products, having more convenient rules and setting up high-level trade facilities will help achieve the goal of connecting trade and infrastructure in the region better, which has created new opportunities for agricultural cooperation between China and Laos. A two-day meeting will continue to listen to various reports, especially the promotion of the production of products and the export of plants and plant products to China in the new period. Laws and legislation under the relevant laws, including conducting technical negotiations to open the market with China, the role of the Laos-China Railway in import-export and Listen to the report on the production and export of bananas, peaches and rice to China.

Source: Lao News Agency