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Laos, China Further Cooperation on Forestry

The Lao and Chinese governments have agreed to create a thriving environment for the development and enhancement of a mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of forestry.

The agreement was signed in Vientiane on March 22 between Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr Thongphat Vongmany, and Deputy Ministry of State Forestry Administration of China, Mr Peng Youdong.

The signing ceremony was also witnessed by the Lao Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr Lien Thikeo.

“Apart from agriculture, forests are also recognized as having critical roles for sustainable socio-economic development in the two nations, which urgently calls for enhanced cooperation in order to maintain and manage them in a sustainable manner,” said Mr Thongphat Vongmany.

“Two parties have together spent efforts since the last visit of the Vice Minister of SFA, Chen Shuxian’s visit to MFA Laos in 2014. Subsequently, agreements from two government have been granted for signing this historical MoU for bilateral forestry cooperation, for which we are arranging an important ceremony today”, said Mr Thongphat.

Under the agreement, the cooperation will cover seven main areas namely: afforestation; forest conservation and sustainable forest management; community forestry and rural management; forestry fire control and associated early warning practices; wildlife conservation and CITES implementation; forestry law enforcement and forest governance; forest industry development and trade of wood products; forest tenure and property rights; and development of rural forest lands to promote poverty alleviation of forest dependent community.

Apart from these, there are also other potential areas that could be put under the cooperation, especially those related to capacity development, including human resource development.

Source: Lao News Agency