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Laos-China Railway conducts an emergency response training

Laos-China Railway Company Limited conducted on Tuesday an emergency response training to help and ensure the safety of passengers.
This training aims to test the braking and anti-sliding of the EMU train when it has to stop suddenly on a slope, as well as train emergency response skills to evacuate passengers in case of a fire in a long tunnel to ensure that evacuation procedures are properly implemented and equipment can be used with quality for the safety of passengers.
In this exercise, the EMU train traveled to the emergency training point between the uphill section of Pha Teng and Kasy, due to unpredictable factors, the train needed to make an emergency brake.
The parking staff checked the parking condition, recorded the vehicle information. This exercise also verified that the performance of braking and anti-sliding of EMU trains on steep slopes meets the safety standards of train running.
After that, the EMU train continued to run to the Nasangthong tunnel and simulated the fire incident at train compartment No. 5 and tried to evacuate the passengers from the train by guiding the passengers to the emergency exit door of the tunnel and heading to a safe place.
Through the training to deal with emergencies this time, Laos-China Railway’s concerned staffs checked the situation of information transmission, dealing with specific emergencies and the implementation of measures by traffic control staff, train drivers, train workers, mechanics on the train and police officers after the emergency on the train and tested that the plan for moving passengers in the long tunnel is correct according to scientific principles, reasonable and possible, whether the warning signals, emergency lights, communication and other equipment in the tunnel are in good condition, the employees are familiar with the emergency moving points and are skilled in using the emergency lights, communication equipment, ventilation and other equipment correctly, as well as ensuring the safety of running the train as well as the life and property of the passengers on the train.

Source: Lao News Agency