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Laos-China Railway Project Makes Progress as Planned

Laos and Chinese constructers have said the construction of Laos-China railway has made progress as planned with a noticeable progress reported in tunneling activities, and the construction of bridges, roads and main stations.

Once fully built, the railway will play an important role in passengers and goods transport, and promote trade, investment and tourism between Laos and China.

Between Nov 15-23, Lao and Thai media practitioners visited China to learn about train development in Beijing and Yunnan.

Listed in their trip schedule included visit to the construction site of a main station in Bohan where infrastructural construction activities are expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

They also visited under construction Laos-China Friendship Tunnel stretching between Bohan of China and Boten of Laos. The tunnel will have 9.5 km with 7.1 km lying in China and 2.4 km in Laos. Over 300 m has been tunneled in the Chinese side.

The construction of high speed railway from Kunming and Bohan was launched in 2016. The railway will be over 500 km long. On average each construction activity is around 20-30% completed. The project will involve the construction of 18 main stations each equipped with a freight distribution warehouse.

Double tracks will be built between Kunming and Xienghung, according to a representative of Kunming Railway Company.

The construction in Yunnan is being conducted in an environment friendly manner with strict standards applied to mitigate impacts on farmlands of local people these include the construction of walls to reduce noise pollution in populous areas.

The representative said that the company will encourage all companies to make sure their construction activities comply with international standards and are completed as planned so that the two countries will be able to use brand new trains that will travel between Kunming and Vientiane or China and Laos thus enhancing the comprehensive relations and cooperation between the two countries and bringing economic benefits to Laos and Chinese people.

Kunming is connected by 70 high-speed railways to all major cities in China. Meanwhile it is expected that once fully built in 2021 the Kunming-Vientiane railway will significantly reduce passengers and goods transport from several days using normal trucks to 6-7 hours using high speed trains.

Source: Lao News Agency