Laos-China Railway to boost Lao furniture exports

The Laos-China Railway project has become a new hope, inspiration and motivation for furniture producers and entrepreneurs in the Lao PDR to continue to develop craftsmanship and products, and increase production.

Local furniture producers hope that once put into operation, the railway will help local exporters find it more convenient to export their products to China, according to the director of the Vorachith Wood Carving Individual Enterprise.

Mr Vorachith Keoxayavong, whose position stated above, said that if transport enjoys more convenience, there will surely be an increase in trade of goods because China holds a 70% share of export market of Lao furniture products.

Meanwhile, Vietnam and Thailand share 10 and 5 per cent, respectively.

“Currently, the export of Lao furniture to China faces several difficulties as it takes several days and is costly to do so. If our products are exported via train, we will gain more trust from our customers, and export cost will be tremendously cut and transport time shortened,” said Mr Vorachith Keoxayavong.

The Vorachith Wood Carving Individual Enterprise plans to increase its production by 50% next year with the focus of its production placed on market trends and quality.

Commenced in late 2016, the construction of the US$5.9-billion Laos-China Railway project is expected to be fully completed by December 2021.

The railway will run 417 km from a Laos-China border crossing in Boten, Luang Namtha province in northern Laos, to Vientiane. It will be connected to another rail line stretching from the Lao-Thai border in Vientiane to Singapore to form the Kunming-Singapore Rail Link.

Source: Lao News Agency