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Laos-China train tickets can be booked two days in advance

The Laos-China Railway Co., Ltd has decided to allow passengers to book Laos-China Train tickets two days in advance to ease the rising demand for rail travel.

Previously, Laos-China Train tickets could be booked just one day in advance.

“The company will also issue more tickets to meet passengers’ demand,” the company stated in its announcement on Thursday.

The newly adjusted passenger transport schedule of the railway company will take effect on Jan 14 onwards.

Passengers can also book tickets from different stations. For instance, passengers wishing to travel from Luang Prabang to Oudomxay may book tickets at Vientiane station or other stations.

Passengers are highly recommended to buy tickets at ticket booths at each station of the Laos-China Railway only, not at any other places outside the station, in order to prevent themselves from being deceived, according to the announcement of the company.

Source: Lao News Agency