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Laos Focuses on Vientiane Sustainable Urban Transport Project

The Lao government is focusing on the implementation of the Vientiane Environmentally Sustainable Transport Project to reach sustainable development goals in the capital city.

“The Vientiane Sustainable Urban Transport Project is supported by the government, development partners and international organizations,” said Mr Bounta Onnavong, Deputy Director General, Department of Transport, Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

He said that the project is including Bus Rapid Transport, Parking, Traffic Management and the City Transport Management Unit to reduce pollution in Vientiane Capital.

The Vientiane Sustainable Urban Transport Project will help to create a friendlier traffic environment for better public transportation services for Vientiane residents.

Senior government officials, city governors, policymakers and experts discussed important issues to help member countries reach sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030 at the 10th Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum in Asia held in Vientiane on Wednesday.

They will also give policy consultations in rural areas in order to help locals access safe food sources and escape poverty, thus boosting regional sustainable development and cooperation, while highlighting the role of railways to SDGs fulfillment.

Asia is the region with the largest population, about 4.4 billion people, and the fastest population growth in the world, requiring a strong change in transportation for sustainable development and stable economic growth.

Currently, about 47 per cent of the Asian population lives in rural areas, including remote and mountainous areas, without connection to large transportation systems. About 700 million people in the region have no direct access to multi-functional roads.

Source: Lao News Agency