Laos plans to produce 3.7 million tonnes of rice for food security

Laos has set a goal of producing 3.7 million tonnes of rice and supplying not less than 68.2 kg of meat, fish and eggs per capita this year.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Phet Phomphiphak told the ongoing National Assembly’s 3rd meeting on Jun 20 that the government is focusing on ensuring the country has food security.

The ministry will promote domestic production to reduce imports, especially bio-fertilizers, currently merely 600,000 tonnes produced per year, much less than the real demand – two million tones -, and ensure the provision of chemical fertilizers, plant and animal varieties, and production equipment to local farmers.

The government will also focus on promoting the production for export purposes according to its agreements with trade partners, mainly China, Vietnam, Thailand and EU. The latter is open to all kinds of goods from Laos, according to the minister.

Source: LAO News Agency