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Laos Prepares to Build Mekong Hydropower Project in Pakbeng

The government is preparing to build another hydropower plant on the Mekong in Pakbeng, Oudomxay Province.

The developer said that the project may commence construction by late 2017 if planned activities have been achieved.

Involved sectors are conducting final studies and circulating documents related to the project to GMS countries namely Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The Datang (Lao) Pakbeng Hydropower Co., Ltd revealed last week that the construction of the project will be conducted in compliance with international standards.

The dam of the project will be 1,000 m long and 64 m high, equipped with 16 generators and an installed generation capacity of 912 MW, an automated underwater sediment releasing system, and a navigation lock which can handle boats of up to 500 tonnes.

A fish passage will be built aside of the dam and it will be 15 m wide and 1,000 m long.

The construction cost of the project is estimated at around US$2 billion and the construction will run through 2022 when two generators will be put into test run, and by 2023, all 16 generators will be in full operation.

Seven villages with a combined population of about 1,000 people will be affected by the project but only one village will be relocated. Some residents of other villages may be relocated. All affected families will be compensated and given assistance including farmland, residential land, basic infrastructure including roads, water supplies, electric systems, schools and health facilities as well as provisions of food stuffs during the initial period of the project development, said Mr Chansaveng Bounyong, Acting Director of the Energy Policy and Planning Department, Ministry of Energy and Mines.

Source: Lao News Agency