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Laos provided Japan’s US$ 9.1-million grant for Disaster Relief, Recovery

The signing ceremony for the Exchange of Notes for a Grant Aid Project entitled Economic and Social Development Programme was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vientiane Capital.

The notes were signed and exchanged by Mr. Takewaka Keizo, Ambassador of Japan to the Lao PDR, and Mr. Thongsavanh Phomvihane, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Lao PDR under witness by representatives from the line ministries.

The Japan-funded Economic and Social Development Programme will provide the Government of the Lao PDR with necessary equipment worth JPY 1 billion (about US$ 9.1 million) for the rescue of disaster victims and the recovery of disaster affected areas.

The programme is expected to reduce the damage caused by natural disasters especially flood among others and contribute to prompt response by having well-equipped preparation in advance.

There have been growing concerns over the frequency and intensity of natural disasters caused by climate change in the Lao PDR. Reducing the vulnerability of the society to natural disasters as well as reducing damage is one of the top priorities in order to realize its sustainable economic and social development.

The provided equipment will be stationed at disaster prevention sites throughout the country. In this programme, the Lao government is planning to procure water treatment unit, vehicle, community tent, rescue tools, early warning equipment, etc. for this purpose.

Source: Lao News Agency