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Laos’ trade deficit reaches US$80 mln in December

Laos recorded a trade deficit of US$80 million in December as its exports totaled US$552 million and imports totaled US$632 million, according to the latest information from the Lao Trade Portal website.

In December, the main exports were copper ore, copper and copper products, mixed gold, banana, cassava, clothing, coffee, sugar, maize, and rice.

Meanwhile, the main imports were vehicles, diesel, mechanical equipment, steel, water, soda and energy drink, auto parts, gasoline, plastic products, precious and semi-precious stones, chemicals, and food industry waste.

Laos shipped goods worth US$210 million to China, US$122 million to Vietnam, US$101 million to Thailand, US$12 million to India, and US$8 million to Japan.

In terms of imports, Laos imported goods worth US$325 million from Thailand, US$111 million from China, US$52 million from Vietnam, and US$16 million from Japan.

The figures for December do not include earnings from the export of electricity.

Source: Lao News Agency