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Laos works to put Luang Prabang hydropower project into use in 2030

– Luang Prabang hydropower project, which has been underway since 2020, is expected to be completed in 2030, heard a recent conference held by the Ministry of Energy and Mines and Luang Prabang province on the speeding up of the project.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines Thongphat Inthavong said that the project is jointly implemented by four companies – PetroVietnam Power (Vietnam), PT (Laos), CH. Karnchang (Thailand), and CK Power (Thailand).

Luang Prabang is a run-of-river project. The hydro reservoir capacity is planned to be 734 million cubic metre. The project is expected to generate 6,500 GWh of electricity each year. The hydro power project consists of seven turbines, each with 200MW nameplate capacity.

To date, Laos has had 91 power projects with a total installation capacity of over 11,661MW, generating 58,813GWh of electricity each year. Power services have covered 95% of total households across the country.

Source: Lao News Agency