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Lockdown extended for 15 more days to contain Covid-19 outbreak

Government has decided to extend the lockdown for 15 more days until May 20 to contain the outbreak of Covid-19 yet it states it is necessary to ensure regular goods circulation thus minimizing economic impacts.

On 21st April Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh issued the order putting Vientiane under lockdown after the total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the country reached 88.

The order prohibits travel between Vientiane and other provinces, except that for permanent residents of the capital city and those who have routine workload in the city or authorized by the Vientiane or central taskforce committees, and goods transport.

Passenger transport between Vientiane and other provinces is prohibited.

People, civil servants, armed force personnel and police officers, workers, students, entrepreneurs, monks, foreigners, stateless people residing in Vientiane are prohibited from leaving their residences except for necessary reasons such as grocery shopping, going to hospital or performing duty assigned by their respective organisations.

The order bans goods hoarding or price gouging, especially with respect to the sale of face masks, hand gels, medicines, medical supplies, milled rice, foods, drinking water, and other necessaries.

The order prohibits any forms of dissemination or sharing of fake news through media tools to mislead or panic the society.

Meetings, gatherings, activities with more than 20 participants, especially religious events, traditional festivals, wedding parties and festive parties are not allowed. In case it is necessary to hold funerals or merit making events, measures imposed by the taskforce committee must be obeyed.

All international and traditional land and water border checkpoints will continue to be closed, except for those authorized by the central taskforce committee, and transport trucks covered by Covid-19 insurance and equipped with medical monitoring device (during compulsory 14-day quarantine). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required to coordinate with relevant authorities to facilitate foreigners wishing to return to their motherland.

Entertainment venues, karaoke shops, bars, internet cafes, massage and spa parlors, snooker tables, gyms and indoor sport venues will be closed.

Necessary businesses such as large-scale projects, workshops, factories, banks, financial institutions, the stock market, securities companies, hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies, rescue teams, businesses related to post, telecommunications, utilities and waste disposal services, agricultural markets, retail shops, supermarkets, fuel stations, restaurants, and cafés are allowed to be open.

Hotels and resorts can provide only accommodation and food services and must comply with the measures imposed by the taskforce committee.

Source: Lao News Agency