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Lockdown extended for another 15 days

The government has extended lockdown measures for another 15 days – from May 21-Jun 4, 2021 – with control and prevention measures tightened and eased in some areas.

Besides to the extension of the Prime Minister’s Order No. 15/PM on the Reinforcement of Measures for the Containment, Prevention, and Full Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic for another 15 days, additional measures have been established to close beauty parlours, barbershops, tourist attractions, food courts, casinos, and games shops of all types.

Any villages classified as a red zone must have processing factories and handicraft units closed except factories with dormitories located on their premises and factories manufacturing consumer goods, pharmaceutical products, protective equipment and medical equipment and on the condition that their management strictly complies with the preventive measures of the Taskforce Committee.

No individuals are allowed to travel to and from infected areas (red zones) or risk areas (yellow zones) established by the Taskforce Committee except those authorized by relevant local authorities due to necessary reasons: to transport goods or deliver food, visit hospitals, go receiving vaccines. As for such cases, health and relevant authorities must set up checkpoints to check their health and relevant documents with accurate data recorded.

Neither meetings nor activities with more than 10 participants are allowed. In case it is necessary to hold an activity, a prior permission must be sought from the Taskforce Committee and measures imposed by the committee must be obeyed strictly.

No festive parties of all types are allowed in infected areas or risk areas.

Preventive measures, including temperature testing, social distancing of at least 1 metre, face masking, hand washing with soaps and hand gels, must be tighten at retail shops (minimarts), supermarkets, markets and risk areas.

Vientiane and provincial taskforce committees are urged to issue detailed instructions on implementing anti-Covid-19 measures according to the conditions in each zone: red, yellow, and green.

Relaxed measures

Travel to and from areas with no community transmissions of Covid-19 is allowed.

Land transport of passengers between provinces without community transmissions is allowed. Restaurants and cafes can provide only take home food service or home delivery service. No customers are allowed to eat at restaurants or cafes. Schools located in areas in which no community transmission of Covid-19 has been reported over the past 14 days are allowed to conduct teaching and learning at school.

Outdoor exercises and sports activities such as: walking, golfing, foot ball playing, among others, are allowed as long as the owner comes up with detailed plan to ensure strict implementation of measures against Covid-19 and propose such a plan to the Taskforce Committee and local authorities for approval.

Goods transport between provinces is allowed and neither goods loading nor unloading is needed during freighting, no Covid-19 test is needed, and no 14-day quarantine is required in the target provinces as long as preventive measures of the Taskforce Committee are observed strictly. Transnational transport of goods can be done as usual as long as the instructions of the national Taskforce Committee and the Instruction No. 242, dated Apr 23, 2021 of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport are respected.

At a press conference in Vientiane on May 20, Government’s Spokesperson Thipphakone Chanthavongsa urged all Party and government organizations, the Lao Front for National Development, mass organizations and civil society organizations to play a key role in implementing the measures the government has imposed.

Source: Lao News Agency